Surrounded by fully grown fruit bearing Mango trees and other exotic plants, something like an organized jungle with a small zoo holding a few native species of animal and birds!

The main building is a 1,000 square meters bungalow style with a large colonial type of verandah containing the lobby/reception area, and bar!

Tables and chairs are also spread out in the gardens in the open air and also in the local Nipa style huts!

Cambridge Farm is also known for the remarkable Calabash Tree which produces giant fruits from its stem! These fruits are locally said to cure most illness and disease and are called miracle fruits by the believers!

The whole 2 hectare lot is well landscaped with an odd shaped swimming pool and water slide, shipwreck garden and a bar!

Gensan as what the locals nicknamed General Santos City is also the home of MANNY PACQUIAO, the World Boxing Champion.